Frequently Asked Questions

How are my graphics files processed and how long will it take?

Our graphics department will generally have reference samples ready for approval within two business days of your order being placed and receiving your graphics files. During busy seasons it can take longer. If you do not receive graphic references within 3 days of placing your order please check in with us. Every order with customer-supplied graphics files includes a one-time prepress review. This review should be enough time to import your graphics files into our system, "pre-flight" or check your files to be sure they will print properly, and generate reference samples for your approval. If your files are not submitted on our templates, there will be a $42.50 charge to check all dimensions and transfer them to our templates.

What if my graphics files fail your pre-flight process?

We want your job to be perfect and we know you do as well. If there is a discrepancy between your graphics files and our specifications you will be notified and given the opportunity to correct the issues or you may choose to have us fix them for you. If your files are correct on the second submission there are no extra charges. If additional graphics services are requested to correct your files you will be billed for revisions to your files at a rate of $42.50 per half hour. If your files are resubmitted and again fail the pre-flight process on the second submission you will be required to purchase an additional 1/2 hour of graphics time to re-check your files and re-generate reference samples.

When will my order be ready for shipment or pickup?

Depending on the size and type of your order turnaround times range from one to four weeks. Your turnaround time can vary by plus or minus a week, and in extremely rare cases even more. CDR Duplication orders (typically 500 or less pieces) take one to two weeks depending on size and packaging requirements, and replication orders generally take two to four weeks. Your turnaround time does not begin until your master and graphics files have been approved and your deposit has been received. Contact your sales rep if you are unsure of your estimated turn time.

Is my delivery date guaranteed?

We do not guarantee delivery dates. Optical disc manufacturing and duplication requires the use of a variety of heavy manufacturing equipment including injection molding, silk-screening, printing, automated assembly and packaging machinery. On occasion equipment requires maintenance which can delay the completion of a project. Your order will also undergo a strict quality control procedure. If we find any part of your order to be defective, we may re-manufacture part or all of your order which can increase the turnaround time.

I have a delivery date that absolutely must be met. How can I be sure to get my order by that date?

Next Day Disc offers a delivery date guarantee for an additional charge. If you have a specific date by which your project needs to be completed, please contact your sales person for details.