Printing Specifications

Acceptable File Formats

Next Day Disc accepts the following electronic graphics formats:

Fonts should be supplied formatted Mac postscript, and/or imbedded, rastorized, or converted to outlines. We highly recommend converting all text to outlines or 600 dpi images prior to submittal to avoid any font issues altogether.

File Specifications

Color images should be CMYK (not RGB) at a minimum of 300dpi (600 dpi is recommended and preferred if there is text in your image.)

Black/White or grayscaled images should be provided at 600dpi.

Pantone colors should be provided for Silkscreen disc face.


To avoid additional graphics charges you will need to submit your files on Next Day Disc templates. For proper trimming, we require a 1/8 outer bleed and 1/8" inner safety margin. Images should extend 1/8" beyond the final trim size to ensure a clean edge after trimming. Critical elements such as text should be placed at least 1/8" within the actual cut lines to avoid being trimmed.

Click Here for Templates

Color Matching

Your monitor may not match the final printed piece. Likewise, the color from our printers may also vary from your printer. We cannot guarantee an exact match to your printouts. Laser-printed color references are available free of charge upon request for proofing purposes. We also offer press proofs at an additional cost for customers that are more concerned about color matching.

File Submittal

Graphics files may be submitted on a CD, DVD, or USB drive, via email, our FTP service, or posted to your FTP server (include link and password if any). Project graphics smaller than 20MB may be emailed to . Please contact customer service for an FTP access code if you wish to upload your files directly to our server.

Customer supplied graphics that do not conform to Next Day Disc specification are subject to addtional processing fees. To avoid additional fees, please use Next Day Disc templates, make sure your images are the proper resolution and in the appropriate color format, and make sure to include any fonts used in the files.