Seven Steps to a Perfect Order

  1. Master Preparation - We will test your CDR master for errors. If your master fails testing you will be contacted immediately to supply a new one. If you master passes, it will be passed to the production department. (DVD masters will be checked when glass master stamper is created.)
  2. Graphic Preparation - We will prepare your graphics files for printing. If there are any problems with your supplied files you will be contacted and the issues will be explained. You may either fix and resubmit your files or you can choose to have us make the changes. If your files are press-ready with no problems, you will receive a set of reference samples either by email (low resolution PDF format) or we will send you laser-printed reference samples for no charge. We highly recommend you take the time to review laser reference samples. These reference samples are not for color matching; they are for proofreading and art placement only. If your needs include color matching services you will also have the option of receiving higher quality proofs at additional cost.
  3. Production Scheduling - Once your graphics and master have been approved we will schedule your order for production. In most cases you will receive a production schedule with an estimated completion date via email. If you do not receive a production schedule or a reply to your graphics approval within 24 hours, it may not have arrived. Please contact us to check. All approval's received after 4:30 PM will be processed on the next business day. Unless you have ordered rush service your completion date is approximate and not guaranteed. Your order will be put in cue for manufacturing and each department will create films, plates, screens, press proofs, stampers, etc. used in the manufacturing process. If you ordered replicated discs a stamper or "glass master" will be made and inspected for quality.
  4. Manufacturing - Your packaging will be printed and discs will be manufactured. They will go through a strict quality check. They will then go into a manual or automated assembly and wrapping process that depends on the type of packaging and quantity that you have ordered.
  5. Packing - Once your assembly is completed it will be packed in boxes for shipping or pickup. If you have any special requirements for packing please let us know before your order is scheduled so we can make arrangements to accommodate your needs.
  6. Shipping - You will be contacted and informed that your order is ready for shipping or pickup. You will also be informed of your final balance including shipping costs if applicable. Once the balance is paid your order will be shipped or will be available for pickup. We do not accept checks for final payment. Final payment must be cash, credit card, or money order. If a check is your only option, please contact Kerry Cahill at 800-617-3877 and have the check processed at least a week before your order is competed.
  7. Delivery - When you receive your order, please spot check it to be sure that everything is to your satisfaction. If there are any problems, please contact us immediately. Otherwise, you are ready to distribute your product.